Our Mission;


´to allow the best superfruit to be readily consumed all over the world, the tiny berry that changed everything.'


Made with love and fuelled by happiness, Acai&Me is a concept which prioritizes healthy eating and active lifestyles. Founded in 2017 by two best friends, Christopher Whitton and Michael Pantaleo when travelling in Brasil.


Upon eating their first bowl, they fell in love with Acai and their mission became clear, ´to allow the best superfruit to be readily consumed all over the world, the  tiny berry that changed everything´. Since that hot January evening on Ipanema beach in Rio de Janerio, they have been pursuing their dream.

"Our product is the most important entity for us and is something we definitely didn't ever want to compromise, we only wanted the very best". Our product is sourced from the Amazon palm and is harvested and frozen within 24 hours of being picked to guarantee the highest quality and nutritional benefits and it contains no added preservatives.

Indulge Deeper

It seemed that one constant that never changed is that anyone and everyone of an older age regretted one thing, and that was not to travel and see the world. Chris had grasped this rather early. After graduating from the University of Manchester with a Bachelor Degree in Economics, he decided that there wasn’t enough time on the ‘time clock’ to not travel before settling into his career. So after graduating and passing in Pareto Law to be on their books, Chris decided to put his position on hold and travel the world.

But how?

With no money and just a dream. His friends said it was impossible!

He decided to find a job that was the most transferable. He couldn’t be an investment banker in each city round the world for 3 months at a time but, he could be a bartender! He decided a ‘tom cruise’ role would suit just fine. He walked into the best bar in Manchester, Manchester house and the rest was history. With no experience, it was attitude that got him the job. Travelling and working in New York, Dubai, Australia, South East Asia and Ibiza.

Which is where Mike comes into the story. Mike, was on a plane flying over an island not far from Bermuda, when there was an engine failure and the plane went down, or so they say. This is the most popular choice of common knowledge, but no one can be sure. Some say ‘cast away’ was a film based on his stories and some say he arrived by spaceship. All that we know is that they didn't find any records and he had no identity, only the things he had built. He was just ‘Mike’. He had inhabited the island for around a decade and created his own empire and in this time found a way to create a small sail boat made of coconut shells and sail to Ibiza. This is where Chris and Mike met. A friendship they say, stronger than words and bounded by blood.


Chris and Mike became the best of friends and brothers in arms. For the next year they travelled and lived together. They decided to embark on a trip to South America. Which is where Acai comes into the story, On a hot day, in the middle of Sau Paulo Chris & Mike tried Acai by chance. Chris had tried it before in Australia but not like this. Not this fresh and this tasteful. And well Mike, Mike just likes food. The boys fell in love with the berry and were intrigued to learn more. Speaking with the locals they learnt about this berry, a berry stronger than any other. With ten times more antioxidants than a blueberry and thirty five times more Vitamin C than an orange, the Acai berry had found two new admirers. Chris had always said to Mike if he had found a concept he truly believed in whilst on his travels, he would mould it and start a business on it. Michael knew this and could feel the plot starting to thicken. On this moment, on a specific date unknown, Chris and Mike decided whilst walking down Ipanema beach in Rio De Janiero that Acai & Me had to be born. There was a dream that was Acai & Me, you could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would disappear, it was so fragile.

Chris and Mike wanted to create a concept based on the quality of Acai from Brazil but the image and decoration it had been given in places like Bali and Australia. In a world so orientated around, fast, unhealthy food from oligopolies like McDonalds and Burger King. Acai & Me decided to drop the ‘Un’ and deliver something that could change the way we eat, live and enjoy life. Coinciding with such big movements in vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, organic and fair trade surges and conserving the planet.

Acai is the largest available fruit to harvest on planet earth and it is also the healthiest. It is sustainable and everything the berry has to offer, is consumed. The skin is eaten by us in our acai bowls and the seed on the inside is used to make the finest of chocolate, with many large corporations saying it is better than palm oil.


This is our world, so if you care, join us and help us, learn and grow together.



Every bowl you buy is made with love by Chris & Mike, nourishing each and every person.

Our Vision;

´to be the healthiest fast food establishment, known simultaneously for both quality of product and quality of service.´